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Throwback Thursday: Victoria Square, Birmingham

This large public square in front of Birmingham Council House is, unsurprisingly, named after Queen Victoria. Prior to 1901 however it was known as Council House Square. A parish church was on the site first, from 1813, followed by Birmingham Town Hall (1832-1834) and then the current Council House. One of the central features of the Square is this statue which I was amused to discover on researching this post is known locally as “Floozie in the Jacuzzi”. Now a flower bed it was part of a water fountain up until 2013 when irreparable faults led to the water being permanently turned off.

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Throwback Thursday: Town Mission Ragged School, Nottingham

The Town Mission Ragged School in Brook Street in Nottingham was built in 1858. Ragged schools were developed from an idea of John Pounds, a Portsmouth shoemaker, who believed that poor children should have basic schooling rather than being sent out to work. The Earl of Shaftesbury then formed the Ragged School Union in 1844.

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Throwback Thursday: Awakening Statue, London

This statue of a female nude called Awakening can be found in Ropers Garden on Chelsea Embankment. She was sculpted by Gilbert Ledward in around 1923.

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Snow – January 2021

I love snow. Nothing quite makes me smile like wandering through snow taking photos, even if it’s cold and I’m being battered on all sides by wind. Obviously with lockdown I couldn’t travel far but when it snowed here on Sunday I did have a good wander around my neighbourhood and get my exercise in for the day.

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Throwback Thursday: Climbing Boys, Sculptural Lamp Post, Chelsea Embankment

Dating from 1874 this granite green painted plinth with a design of oak leaves and acorns with two climbing boys is just by Albert Bridge on Chelsea Embankment in London.

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Throwback Thursday: 162 – 164 Bishopsgate

Opposite Liverpool Street Station in London, 162-164 Bishopsgate was built as a fire station in 1885 in a pastiche of the Tudor Gothic style using red brick and Portland stone. A really stunning building with some intricate decoration well above eye level.

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Stonebridge City Farm, Nottingham

Stonebridge City Farm has been a lovely place to visit during all sorts of iterations of lockdown in England. They’ve lost a lot of money having to keep opening and then closing again so if you could donate a little something here that would be great. My last visit pre-Christmas was to see their new calf – Orion – as well as some of the other photogenic residents.

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Throwback Thursday: Mersey Chambers, Liverpool

Mersey Chambers in Liverpool was built for the Harrison Shipping Line in 1878 and is now a Grade II listed building.

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Snow at Woodthorpe Grange Park, Nottingham

A few weeks ago we had the first snow of the season. As I had to be out and about that day anyway I decided to head to Woodthorpe Grange Park to take some photos. It was first opened as a park in 1922 but before that started off as grass and arable land that was eventually sold off to a local factory owner, Henry Ashwell. Ashwell built Woodthorpe Grange, pictured below, in 1874 (currently it houses the Sport, Culture and Parks Service of Nottingham City Council and is not open to the public).

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A Christmas Retrospective

As doing any kind of Christmas travelling this year has not been possible I decided to do a round up of some previous trips, using mostly photos I haven’t posted here before. First up is the trip I took with a friend to the Christmas Light Show at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire in 2018.

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