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Throwback Thursday: Church of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas, Liverpool

This church is the parish church of Liverpool and is also referred to as the Sailor’s Church, for its relationship to the Mersey and its shipping. There’s been a place of worship on the site for more than 750 years.

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Lotherton Chapel

Lotherton Chapel is a small building dating to the 12th century that is next to Lotherton Hall in Leeds. It fell into disrepair until 1913 when Colonel Gascoigne, the then owner of the Hall, had it refurbished to be used as a family chapel, though it is still Church of England property.

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St George’s Church, Stamford

Back in May after visiting Burghley House we took a small detour to nearby Stamford before heading home. A lovely looking market town, the purpose of our trip was to visit St George’s Church where I had learnt through a great deal of family tree research during our COVID lockdowns that a relative who fought at the Battle of Waterloo was buried. We did in fact easily find his gravestone though it is so worn by age – he died in 1846 – that photographs aren’t quite as clear as seeing it in person.

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St Leonard’s Church, Rockingham Village

St Leonard’s is the parish church of Rockingham Village and sits just below the walls of the castle – it is open to visitors on days when the castle is open to the public. There was probably a chapel inside the castle in the 11th century and in the 15th century a church on the site of the present building was destroyed in the Civil War; the present church dates to 1650.

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Canons Ashby Priory

Canons Ashby Priory was an Augustinian priory founded in 1147. The priory was built in stone in 1253 and the unusual colour of the outside is because of the use of three different types of stone. The addition of the tower in 1350 demonstrates the wealth of the priory; funds for it were largely raised by charging locals for the use of a well on their land.

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The Garden Museum, London

I’ve walked by the Garden Museum a few times whilst in London and when I found myself with an afternoon free I decided it was the perfect time to visit. I was largely prompted by their temporary exhibit at the time – on until 19 June – called Wild & Cultivated: Fashioning the Rose.

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Throwback Thursday: The Ramshorn, Glasgow

Designed by Thomas Rickman in the Gothic Revival style the Ramshorn was originally St David’s Parish Church and dates from 1824. It is now owned by the University of Strathclyde and houses Scotland’s National Centre for Languages and the Confucius Institute for Scotland’s Schools.

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Throwback Thursday: St Mary Abbots Church of England Primary School, London

The school was first endowed in 1645 as a free school for the children of the poor. A school was actually built about 1709 elsewhere but they moved to the current building next to St Mary Abbots Church around 1860.

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Throwback Thursday: Doors, Llandudno, Wales

Inspired by The Red Phone Box Travels posts about doors, here are some interesting doors found around Llandudno in Wales. The first picture is of a side door to Gloddaeth Church which has some pretty stained glass windows.

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Nottingham Light Night 2022

Last weekend Light Night returned to Nottingham for the first time since 2020. It wasn’t quite as impressive as previous years but that’s understandable given current circumstances and there were still a lot of places taking part that we didn’t visit due to time constraints.

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