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York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum is built on the site of York Castle which was built by William the Conqueror in 1068. The museum was founded by John L. Kirk, an amateur archaeologist, in 1938 and housed in the prison buildings built on the site of York Castle in the 1700s.

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Alnwick Castle

One of the largest still inhabited castles in the country, Alnwick Castle has been the home of the Percy family for over 700 years. In 1309 Henry Percy purchased a Norman style castle and converted it into a border fortress – over the following years the Scots did mount raids against the castle – and since then it has been extended and rebuilt, and faced other threats such as during the War of the Roses and the Civil War.

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The Museum of Scottish Railways

The Museum of Scottish Railways at Bo’ness Station is Scotland’s largest railway museum. It opened in 1995 and displays items of Scotland’s railway heritage such as trains, coaches, signals and my personal favourite, old railway posters.

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The Museum of Archaeology, University of Nottingham

While visiting the Dinosaurs of China exhibition at Lakeside Arts on the University of Nottingham campus we decided to pop next door and visit the Museum of Archaeology, which none of us had been to before. Focusing on artefacts that have been discovered in the East Midlands, the collection is housed in a single room but well worth a visit.

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The Provincial Grand Lodge of Nottinghamshire

I’ve previously written about the Freemasons Grand Lodge on Goldsmith Street, Nottingham however I recently attended an organ recital inside and was able to take some photos of one of the halls and of the small museum as well.

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Leighton House Museum

Leighton House Museum  is the only purpose built studio house open to the public, being the home of Frederick Leighton, a Victorian artist. He had the house designed to his precise requirements as a place where he could work, house his collections of art and receive visitors, which included Queen Victoria.

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Derby Museum and Art Gallery

I visited Derby Museum and Art Gallery on the recommendation of a friend and it was just as good as she had suggested. Established in 1879, with the art gallery opening in 1882, it resides now in a wing of the main building that dates from 1964, but which is shared with Derby Central Library (a post on the exterior of that will follow – it really is an impressive looking building).


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King Richard III Visitor Centre

Back in June a friend and I went to Leicester to visit the King Richard III Visitor Centre. I imagine you’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t familiar with the story of Richard’s remains being found in a car park and finally being laid to rest in Leicester Cathedral (the focus of the next post) and the Visitor Centre did an excellent job of collating all that information.


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The Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum is one of those major London museums that I’d never managed to find time for until a recent trip to the Old Vic found me a quick 10 minutes walk away. Founded during the First World War in 1917 I was impressed by the range and detail of items on display both from the site of war and at the home front and the interactive nature of many of the displays.


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London Canal Museum

On a trip to the theatre in London I found myself with a few hours to spare and decided to head to the London Canal Museum which is only a short walk from King’s Cross Station. As to be expected for such a niche museum it is quite small, consisting of just two floors, but at just £4 it was a reasonably priced way to spend an hour.


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