Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway

My dad being a train enthusiast it’s no surprise that on our recent trip to Edinburgh we visited nearby Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway, a heritage railway that operates over 5 miles of Scottish countryside.

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London Architecture – Part One

These buildings on Courtfield Road in Kensington, now very nice looking flats, were built by J.R. and W.H. Roberts in May 1880 and designed by Walter Graves. The section pictured would have been the “lesser rooms” with the nicest section facing the gardens at the back (which I didn’t think to investigate at the time). You can find the original floor plans and more details here.

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London Plaques – Part 3

Here’s another post about some of the plaques to be found around London. The first is on the site of the Westminster office of the Penny Post, on Gerrard Street, the first building to operate as a post office in Westminster in 1794. The London Penny Post itself was established in 1680 to deliver mail around London for, you guessed it, one penny. The Two Penny Post was established in 1801.


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Wicken Fen Nature Reserve

We enjoyed our first trip to Wicken Fen so much that we decided to make a return trip. It is one of the first properties that the National Trust took on, in 1899, and is host to over 9,000 species of wildlife.

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St Maurice’s Church, Ellingham

On a recent holiday in Northumberland we based ourselves in the village of Ellingham, staying at the Pack Horse Inn (highly recommended – lovely staff, fantastic food). After checking in we decided to take a walk through the very small village and came across St Maurice’s Church.

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Coggeshall’s Architectural History – Part Two

As a follow-up to part one, this post is focusing on some of Coggeshall’s religous buildings, past and present. The first of these is Christ Church (previously known as the Congregational Church). Built in 1710 by Independents, some of whom had been ejected from the Church of England, by 1989 it had combined with the Methodist and Baptist churches.

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The Albert Pub, Victoria

Named after Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s consort, the Albert Pub in Victoria is a Grade II listed building noted for its exterior decor. It’s built on the site of an earlier pub called The Blue Coat Boy and was built in around 1862. Many of the features, including the wrought iron balconies, are original.

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Parliament Square, London

Parliament Square is just to the northwest of the Houses of Parliament, a patch of greenery notable for its statues. It was created in 1868 and redesigned again in 1950. There are eleven statues on the square, only a few of which I will showcase here. I wasn’t able to photograph them all due to the sizeable crowds of tourists taking their own photos.

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Cobden Chambers, Nottingham

Located just off Pelham Street in Nottingham, Cobden Chambers dates from around 1801 and then, as now, was home to a variety of independent businesses including lace designers and photographers.

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Anglesey Abbey, Gardens and Lode Mill

Anglesey Abbey is a National Trust property in Cambridgeshire. Founded around 1135 as the Hospital of St Mary it underwent many architectural changes and upheavals until Lord Fairhaven and his brother brought the property, unseen, in an auction in 1926.

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