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London Plaques – Part 2

In this occasional series on London plaques, the first remembers John Peake Knight, an engineer from Nottingham who was a railway manager and inventor of the world’s first traffic lights.

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London Plaques – Part 1

One of the things I keep an eye out for on my travels is plaques, be they official blue or green or otherwise, and London has an abundance of them. Often I’ll recognise the name even if I don’t know a lot about them but I’ll also stumble across an intriguing plaque that leads me to do more research. As such this will be a continuing series, focusing on plaques found in London and the history behind them, from the well-known to the more obscure.

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Blue Plaques: Leicester Edition

On my last trip to Leicester I kept an eye out for any plaques in the vicinity and came across these two interesting examples. The first, near the Richard III Visitor Centre was that commemorating Agnes Archer Evans.

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