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Week Thirty-Seven

I only did a few tourist things this week. One was a visit to the Police Museum which turned out to be a very interesting, if small, floor of the old Coroner’s Court Building. Included on site are the city’s original morgue and autopsy laboratory, which includes the forensic table where Errol Flynn was declared dead.


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Week Thirty-Six

I achieved quite a few little trips this week. The first was a long walk across Burrard Bridge, taking lots of photos as I went:


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Week Thirty-Five

I went on quite a few excursions last week. The first was walking across Granville Bridge to take photos of the view I always see when I’m on the bus:


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Week Thirty-Three

Not much to report this week. I did do some exploring of Kitsilano and ventured to a few places I hadn’t been before which proved to be a great spot for views of Downtown Vancouver, as evidenced below:


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Week Thirty-Two

There hasn’t been much opportunity for photo-taking this week. I did go and see the Brazilfest happening downtown on Saturday but I wasn’t impressed enough to take any photos. Instead have a couple of random photos I don’t think I’ve posted here before.



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Week Thirty

Not a lot been going on this week. The weather has been ridiculously hot for most of the week, though we finally had some rain over the weekend which has hopefully helped quell some of the 400 wildfires currently blazing in British Columbia. I did take a few photos of the haze that fell over Vancouver the other day though, as you can see below.




Till next week…

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Week Twenty-Seven

I’m a little late this week as the photo uploading hasn’t been working for me. Everything seems okay now though.

So, still no news on the job front, though I did take advantage of the lovely weather this weekend to tick off a few more places from my must-see list. The first was Queen Elizabeth Park – a beautiful park full of flowers and trees from all over Canada and beyond and since it is the highest land point in Vancouver it also has spectacular views of the city.


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Week Nineteen

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I did skip a week last Sunday. But then it was my birthday and my parents and brother were in town so I figured I could do with a week off. And of course because they were here I did a lot more touristy things than I had been doing previously.

As well as the Downtown area of Vancouver and some shopping we walked along the waterfront and I showed them the Olympic Cauldron and some of the sculptures there and around the new conference centre (it was night and none of my pics of the area have come out well – I’ll have to go again during the day as there’s a sculpture of an Orca whale by Douglas Coupland I want to have a decent picture of).

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Week Fifteen

I’m still unemployed at the moment, so this has been a fairly quiet week of job-hunting and running errands rather than anything too touristy. The weather hasn’t helped either, going from bright sunshine to torrential rain from one day to the next. I did however visit the Science Museum on Friday evening. They were having one of their After Dark nights, an adults only affair where we can play with the exhibits ourselves without kids getting in the way! It was quite a bit of fun and there was a bar and some stand-up comedians. All of them did a good job considering they were instructed to make jokes centred around Earth Day (which had been the day before) in their routines, though the worst by far was the sole female comedian, who did not go down too well. I’m sorry, but it isn’t necessary to make crass sexual jokes the minute you step onto the stage – none of the men did.

Next week should be slightly busier with my upcoming move and hopefully other events in the pipeline. Till next week…

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Week Eleven

So I actually had a productive weekend, in the brief day that it didn’t rain. I knew coming here that it rained a lot, but this is getting ridiculous! Anyway, did some shopping in the mall near my house and then decided that I absolutely needed to go for a walk/take some photos. So I headed downtown and wandered around Canada Place which has now opened up again, after having been largely closed off for the Olympics. But this week’s post will focus on the bald eagle artwork dotted around the city – only a handful, there’s lots more I don’t yet have pics of:

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