Week Twenty-Seven

Please note photos have been removed due to lack of hosting space. You can find all my Vancouver photos here.

I’m a little late this week as the photo uploading hasn’t been working for me. Everything seems okay now though.

So, still no news on the job front, though I did take advantage of the lovely weather this weekend to tick off a few more places from my must-see list. The first was Queen Elizabeth Park – a beautiful park full of flowers and trees from all over Canada and beyond and since it is the highest land point in Vancouver it also has spectacular views of the city.

I also paid a visit to the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Gardens. Right in the middle of downtown it’s a beautiful traditional Chinese garden, one of only two in Canada that can claim to be fully traditional (the other is in Montreal which I visited some years ago). There is also a park directly next door to the Garden’s which helps create the feeling of being transported back into 15th Century China.

I also took a trip down to English Bay to take in the view and to see the Inukshuk, which I hadn’t up till that point. Inukshuk in Inuit means “in the likeness of a human” and is traditionally a monument made of unworked stones that are used for communication, such as to pinpoint burial grounds or places where fish can be found.

More to come next week!

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