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Week Twenty-Nine

I’ve been a bit busier this week, and I actually do have photos to share. No news on the job front, except from an interview last week that I’m still waiting to hear if it develops into anything. It’s a long holiday weekend here at the moment so nothing may turn up till the middle of next week anyway.

So, I took to wandering around Stanley Park one day. I have done the walk around the seawall but I haven’t actually gone inside the park much, except to go to the Aquarium, so I took a wander around and went to visit the Rose Garden.

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Week Twenty-Eight

Well it seems another week has gone by and I don’t have any pictures to show for it. Lots of jobs applied to but still no responses. I have however seen the new movie Inception twice now which is at least a change of pace. It’s a fabulous movie and if you haven’t already seen it I urge you to do so.

So, till next week…

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Week Twenty-Seven

I’m a little late this week as the photo uploading hasn’t been working for me. Everything seems okay now though.

So, still no news on the job front, though I did take advantage of the lovely weather this weekend to tick off a few more places from my must-see list. The first was Queen Elizabeth Park – a beautiful park full of flowers and trees from all over Canada and beyond and since it is the highest land point in Vancouver it also has spectacular views of the city.


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Week Twenty-Six

Not a lot been going on here. The weather has been glorious, if a little too hot for my tastes! so in between walking the streets dropping off resumes I have managed some trips to the beach – pics below. 028

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Week Twenty-Five

I was without internet for most of last week, which is why I skipped posting last Sunday. There has been quite a bit going on, though not much in the job line.

There was Greek Day, in my Kitsilano neighbourhood – a celebration of all things Greek with delicious food on offer, musical performances, craft stalls and people in costume, like those below:

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Week Twenty-Three

Not a lot going on again this week. My temping job finished on Friday, so I need to start looking for another one, or follow-up on some other options. The weather *was* delightful for a time, but has turned cold and overcast today. However, I did take some nice shots of the area around Vancouver where I had been working. I really never get tired of seeing this view.

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Week Twenty-One

There wasn’t a great deal going on last week. Job-hunting of course – and I started a new temp job this week – and visiting Bowen Island. I did take some applications outside and filled them in on top of hill near the beach, so those are the first pics, and then some from Bowen – including a snake that was just lying on the ground and then started to move as I took a photo.

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Week Twenty

At the beginning of last week, in what seems a distant time when it wasn’t raining constantly, I went on a walk around Kitsilano. Following random roads I found myself walking through some parks and eventually arrived at Granville Island and came across some very cute baby geese. Pics below:

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Week Nineteen

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I did skip a week last Sunday. But then it was my birthday and my parents and brother were in town so I figured I could do with a week off. And of course because they were here I did a lot more touristy things than I had been doing previously.

As well as the Downtown area of Vancouver and some shopping we walked along the waterfront and I showed them the Olympic Cauldron and some of the sculptures there and around the new conference centre (it was night and none of my pics of the area have come out well – I’ll have to go again during the day as there’s a sculpture of an Orca whale by Douglas Coupland I want to have a decent picture of).

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Week Seventeen

Another slow week this time, with the job-hunting continuing. I did however go to a reading by sci fi writer Robert J. Sawyer at the library one evening. He read from his new book and answered some interesting questions about the future of publishing and how e-books are affecting traditional book sales. He was also signing books and I got a copy of FlashForward signed (the tv series is based on his novel).

The weather has been great, very warm and sunny, so let’s hope that continues. I’ve been continuing with my exploration of the neighbourhood and tried out a local Malaysian restaurant with my roommate which had some delicious food on offer, plus a good selection of cocktails, which is always a plus in my book!

And that’s been it really. I am starting to get quite a bit of writing done, so this downtime is good for something at least. I should definitely have more to report next week, as there are lots of tourist activities on the horizon.

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