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The World Museum, Liverpool

As my ticket for the Terracotta Warriors exhibition wasn’t until late in the afternoon I had plenty of time to explore the other areas of the museum which, unlike the exhibition, has free entry.

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ARTIS Royal Amsterdam Zoo

ARTIS Royal Zoo is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands, founded in 1838 for members only and then opened to the public in 1851. The zoo is in the centre of Amsterdam, in a nice quiet leafy neighbourhood and far larger than I had been expecting.

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Week Nineteen

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, I did skip a week last Sunday. But then it was my birthday and my parents and brother were in town so I figured I could do with a week off. And of course because they were here I did a lot more touristy things than I had been doing previously.

As well as the Downtown area of Vancouver and some shopping we walked along the waterfront and I showed them the Olympic Cauldron and some of the sculptures there and around the new conference centre (it was night and none of my pics of the area have come out well – I’ll have to go again during the day as there’s a sculpture of an Orca whale by Douglas Coupland I want to have a decent picture of).

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Week One

Hello world! Thought it was about time I update this since I’m now safely in Vancouver! The flight over went smoothly, though we were slightly delayed because of the snow at Heathrow, and I met up okay with the other BUNAC travellers who are all a lovely bunch (*waves at those reading this*).

Vancouver itself is great, though I haven’t had chance to do too much exploring just yet. The first few days were doing all the administrative business of living somewhere new, setting up bank accounts etc and then sending out an endless stream of resumes to various temping agencies.

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