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Week Thirteen

The sun has finally made an appearance here in Vancouver, meaning I was able to go out walking and exploring over the weekend, though no pics of any substance. On Saturday I was wandering around the Kitsilano area where, fingers crossed, I may be moving to at the end of the month, depending on whether the apartment I go see on Monday is any good. And on Sunday I was following one of the nature trails in North Vancouver.

I finished my temping job on Friday so now I have to set up something else with my temping agency and see what else is out there. I’m going to treat the time not working as an unexpected holiday though until something comes up.

Till next week…

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Week Nine

Another short one again this week. The weather has been fairly dreadful – constant rain with intermittent gloom – so I haven’t wanted to go out and do too much adventuring. Work is still going okay and I’ve been asked to stay on a bit longer which is good. Not so good is that I now have to move out the place I’m staying a lot earlier than I was expecting too – end of April – so the long round of searching for accommodation starts again…

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Week Three

Yes, I know, I’m a day late. I had every intention of posting yesterday but I had lots to do, seeing as I finally have some accommodation (in a nice area of North Vancouver) that I moved into today and am currently writing this post from! Hurrah. One less thing to worry about.

So what have I been up to this week? Job-hunting, of course, though I’m not sure how far I’m getting with it, despite the couple of interviews I’ve been on.

I have been on some touristy excursions though, in order to break up the monotony of job searching. Continue reading

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Week One

Hello world! Thought it was about time I update this since I’m now safely in Vancouver! The flight over went smoothly, though we were slightly delayed because of the snow at Heathrow, and I met up okay with the other BUNAC travellers who are all a lovely bunch (*waves at those reading this*).

Vancouver itself is great, though I haven’t had chance to do too much exploring just yet. The first few days were doing all the administrative business of living somewhere new, setting up bank accounts etc and then sending out an endless stream of resumes to various temping agencies.

Continue reading

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