Week Three

Please note photos have been removed due to lack of hosting space. You can find all my Vancouver photos here.

Yes, I know, I’m a day late. I had every intention of posting yesterday but I had lots to do, seeing as I finally have some accommodation (in a nice area of North Vancouver) that I moved into today and am currently writing this post from! Hurrah. One less thing to worry about.

So what have I been up to this week? Job-hunting, of course, though I’m not sure how far I’m getting with it, despite the couple of interviews I’ve been on.

I have been on some touristy excursions though, in order to break up the monotony of job searching.

I took the ferry over to Vanier Park, the area where their are quite a lot of museums. The views were stunning, even if the weather was a little cloudy that day.

The ferry drops you off right in the middle of part of the Maritime Museum’s display of boats/ships (I didn’t actually go to the Maritime Museum this time round, not having enough time). I did take a brief wander around the boats and was impressed by the replica viking ship, but otherwise most of them were quite modern vessels or being done-up by their owners, so not of much interest to me.

After this I went first for a walk around the park, then backtracked and headed over to Kitsilano Beach (the sun had come out and the weather was quite warm by this point). As always in Vancouver there was plenty of artwork on display.

I believe the second pic is supposed to represent freezing water.

After my walking adventure I headed first to the Vancouver museum, purportedly about the history of Vancouver. On arrival I was told that the exhibitions on show this time were on taxidermy (a subject which freaks me out a little) and crafts. I bit the bullet and went to the taxidermy exhibit first, which yes, was a little too creepy for my tastes. Though there were a couple of interesting displays.

I then moved on to the craft section, which was much more to my liking. It exhibited a wide range of items from clothing, to ornaments, to jewellery made by local craftspeople and Korean crafts as well. (It was joint exhibit but exactly why Korea and Canada were joined up for it, I couldn’t tell you).

I then headed to the MacMillan Space Centre (in the same building as the Vancouver museum). I’d been looking forward to going there from when I first saw a picture of the fountain outside.

However, I was left disappointed. The place is tiny and doesn’t have any unique displays. And though they make a big deal of the hands-on aspect of the place, most of them are silly simulator games where you need to land a shuttle etc. So I don’t think I took any pictures. The Planetarium (price included in entry) was good though and there was a fairly interesting science demonstration also included in the price of admission.

I did go to the Art Gallery one day (no pictures allowed of course) which I really enjoyed. They are revamping the site at the moment, so not all the usual floors are open, but the British Columbia exhibit is well worth a visit and there are not only paintings and photos, but video displays and even manga to keep you occupied.

And really, those ended up being the only touristy things I did. The rest of the time was job-hunting, house-hunting then finding then moving, and general plodding around on the internet, keeping in touch with everyone. I did go see Edge of Darkness at the cinema, which was an okay film though I thought there was a jerkiness to the acting/directing that did nothing for me.

Fingers crossed that next time I update I will have some solid job news to blog about.

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