Week Two

Please note photos have been removed due to lack of hosting space. You can find all my Vancouver photos here.

There hasn’t been too much tourist-like activity occurring this week, though there has been a steady stream of resume sending out and craiglist browsing for housing. I’ve had some emails and call backs today about various things I have in the pipeline so it does feel like everything is starting to come together. For the moment I’m still in the hostel and right now sitting in the lounge area typing this, as the wifi in my room keeps dropping out appallingly.

I did go on a pretty brief trip to Kitsilano and the beach there, which you can see in the pictures below, but I definitely need to go back there and do some exploring, especially of the bookstores I hear are there. Though I’ve been good, I haven’t bought a single book yet! I still have two books with me to read though; we’ll see how long my willpower continues once I’ve finished them…

So this is the beach at Kitsilano. If I’d been thinking about it I could have taken pics of the very nice housing and the shopping area, but c’est la vie. I can do that next time.

One day I headed over to near one of the Skytrain stations (to phone home as it happens!) and I took a few pics of Canada Place while I was there.

And near the hostel there is something called Lunar Fest happening, with exhibits etc. The most interesting are below:

I also spent a little time wandering around the Market on Granville Island – so much gorgeous food everywhere!  I did buy and sample a little bit, but it’s so hard to stock up when you’re living out of a suitcase. It’s definitely somewhere I’d visit again (and take pics of the inside next time too; last time it was a bit too packed to properly move about and I didn’t want to seem like too much of a ridiculous tourist, taking pics of everything!)

I also went and spent some time on Bowen Island with some family I have out here. Bowen is gorgeous, though the pics below are only of the way in on the ferry – it rained too much for me to really take any other pictures, though I’ll have plenty of time to take some more I’m sure. I had a great time out there – lovely to spend time with people I haven’t seen in many, many years and to get away from the hostel for a bit (lovely as it is here, living out of a suitcase is only fun for a little while). I was given a really interesting tour of the island and we did some walking around too – fabulous views and lots of interesting information about the history of the Island etc. I left there feeling ready to crack on with things, and so far today has been one of my most productive, so clearly I needed it.

I’m trying to make this a regular Sunday update, but clearly that hasn’t been happening so far! Hopefully I’ll update again either Sunday or Monday, depending on what’s happening at the weekend.

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