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Week Two

Please note photos have been removed due to lack of hosting space. You can find all my Vancouver photos here.

There hasn’t been too much tourist-like activity occurring this week, though there has been a steady stream of resume sending out and craiglist browsing for housing. I’ve had some emails and call backs today about various things I have in the pipeline so it does feel like everything is starting to come together. For the moment I’m still in the hostel and right now sitting in the lounge area typing this, as the wifi in my room keeps dropping out appallingly.

I did go on a pretty brief trip to Kitsilano and the beach there, which you can see in the pictures below, but I definitely need to go back there and do some exploring, especially of the bookstores I hear are there. Though I’ve been good, I haven’t bought a single book yet! I still have two books with me to read though; we’ll see how long my willpower continues once I’ve finished them…

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