Week Four

Please note photos have been removed due to lack of hosting space. You can find all my Vancouver photos here.

This week hasn’t been terribly touristy, though I have been busy. First major news is that one of the temping agencies I’m signed with has sorted me a job for the next three weeks, which I start properly tomorrow. Certainly good news on the financial front.  And it’s been my first week at my accommodation which I think I’m starting to settle into. Though the total quiet is taking a bit of getting used to – I’m used to people moving about and cars on the road outside, rather than this.

I have managed to explore some of the nature trails and parks around the North Vancouver area I’m living in though which is certainly one good thing about living here – nature really is on your doorstep.

I’ve also been taking my camera everywhere with me and getting random shots of Vancouver, particularly as the Olympic preparations have really stepped up this week.

I’m at work all next week but I’ll keep my camera close by and I’m sure they’ll still be lots to photograph.

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5 thoughts on “Week Four

  1. Shaz

    Cool! Love the piccies. And yay for a job!


  2. Jo B

    Great news re. the job, good luck for that Lou! Let us know how you get on. Your replacement started at Highbury this week, do you remember Mena who temped downstairs? She seems nice and will be covering for me while I’m on hols next week! Is there a real Olympic buzz around the city then? I’ll be watching the skiing when I’ve got chance.


    • Louise

      Thanks Jo! The job’s okay, just temping in an office downtown for at least 3 weeks, maybe a little bit more. But it does mean I had great views of the Olympic torch as it passed by (I’m on the 16th floor). I’ll probably have photos up tomorrow. Definitely a very exciting party atmosphere everywhere, though today on the news we learned that protesters had attacked one of the dept stores (just a block from where I work) which is not a good start to the games. I’ve been watching the games at home today, cheering on Team GB and Team Canada 😀

      Glad you found a good replacement! Hope she works out and I hope you have a great break.


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