Week Twenty-One

There wasn’t a great deal going on last week. Job-hunting of course – and I started a new temp job this week – and visiting Bowen Island. I did take some applications outside and filled them in on top of hill near the beach, so those are the first pics, and then some from Bowen – including a snake that was just lying on the ground and then started to move as I took a photo.

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Week Sixteen

Another terribly short entry this week. I’ve finally moved out of my place in North Vancouver to one in Kitsilano, which is much more vibrant and close to everything, including the beach, so I’m hoping it will be a better fit. Still job-searching but at least having time to write in the downtime.

Hopefully I’ll have something more interesting to share next week!

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Week Fifteen

I’m still unemployed at the moment, so this has been a fairly quiet week of job-hunting and running errands rather than anything too touristy. The weather hasn’t helped either, going from bright sunshine to torrential rain from one day to the next. I did however visit the Science Museum on Friday evening. They were having one of their After Dark nights, an adults only affair where we can play with the exhibits ourselves without kids getting in the way! It was quite a bit of fun and there was a bar and some stand-up comedians. All of them did a good job considering they were instructed to make jokes centred around Earth Day (which had been the day before) in their routines, though the worst by far was the sole female comedian, who did not go down too well. I’m sorry, but it isn’t necessary to make crass sexual jokes the minute you step onto the stage – none of the men did.

Next week should be slightly busier with my upcoming move and hopefully other events in the pipeline. Till next week…

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Week Eight

Not a lot to report this week. Work is going okay and we’ve had some gloriously sunny weather in between the rain. I went over to Bowen Island again to see the family, which is always delightful and that’s about it. Hopefully I’ll have more to report next week!

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