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Newark Museum

The Newark Museum can be found inside the National Civil War Centre and spans a few rooms with displays of items that are in some way connected to the town. The most stunning piece there must be the Newark torc, found by metal detector Maurice Richardson in 2005 near the River Trent. Made from rolled gold wires twisted into eight ropes they would have been traded or given as gifts between tribes around 200-50BC.

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Newark became a town in the early 10th century and it became important militarily for fending off raids. When I visited Newark Castle the Tourist Information office suggested I take some of the self-guided walking tour leaflets with me, and though in the end I didn’t have the time to fully complete the trails I did have a wander around the town taking pictures of some of the more interesting buildings that proved to have quite an interesting history.


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The Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Newark

While visiting Newark the impressive spire of St. Mary Magdalene Church caught my eye and I decided to take a closer look. It’s apparently one of the largest parish churches in the country, and it certainly proved┬álarger than I was expecting when I stepped inside.


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Newark Town Hall Museum and Art Gallery

On my recent visit to Newark I popped in to the Tourist Information Centre where they recommended I visit the Town Hall Museum. It’s certainly housed within an impressive building; built in 1776 it is Grade I listed and the museum opened up in part of the building in 1999. Entry was free, though unfortunately photography was not allowed inside.


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Newark Castle

On what proved to be a slightly more blustery day than I had expected I decided to head out to Newark Castle. I didn’t know much about the site other than it was now ruins so I would highly recommend taking advantage of the guided tour. It doesn’t happen every day so you do have to ring Newark Tourist Information in advance but I found it very interesting and it does give you the opportunity to enter areas which are usually closed to the public, such as the towers and undercroft.


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