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Nottingham – Beeston Canal, Nottingham

A few weekends back I decided to go for a walk around Attenborough Nature Reserve. I was planning on getting the train there (a quick 10 minutes or so from Nottingham Railway Station) but my dad asked if he could tag along so he drove us there. However the car park was the busiest I have ever seen it, we couldn’t find a parking spot anywhere, so instead we drove to near the Beeston Lock/Beeston Marina section of the canal where you can park on the street for free and walked along the canal and into the Nature Reserve from there. It was very sunny if a bit cold near my house but once we reached the canal we were surprised to see a great deal of fog, though it made for some very atmospheric photos.

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Nottingham Light Night 2023

Light Night is always a highlight of Nottingham’s cultural calendar and this, its 15th year, showcased a lot of new attractions to visit and photograph. It takes part over two days and most things (though not all) are available on both days so usually we just go on the Friday evening. There is a quite handy official app that I use to plan the route around the city (there’s so much going on its impossible to do everything). Our first stop was at Sneinton Market Square where they had these giant bubbles called Evanescent created by Australian artists Atelier Sisu that is I believe touring the country (they were in London last month). They’re quite fun and the changing colours were very pretty.

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Nottinghamshire Pride 2022

Earlier today I went into Nottingham City Centre to photograph the Pride Parade and support the community. I don’t know if numbers have been calculated yet but it certainly seemed like a large turnout, with the parade itself taking over an hour to move around the Market Square with musical performances and dancers along the route and lots of fun costumes, plus some very cute dogs! A few of my photos from the event are below:

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Last week I chanced to look out into our garden and saw this wonderful jay. I was taken a bit by surprise as we’ve never had one in the garden before but it was lovely to see it hopping around the trees and even taking a big chunk out of the fat balls!

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Throwback Thursday: Town Mission Ragged School, Nottingham

The Town Mission Ragged School in Brook Street in Nottingham was built in 1858. Ragged schools were developed from an idea of John Pounds, a Portsmouth shoemaker, who believed that poor children should have basic schooling rather than being sent out to work. The Earl of Shaftesbury then formed the Ragged School Union in 1844.

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Stonebridge City Farm, Nottingham

Stonebridge City Farm has been a lovely place to visit during all sorts of iterations of lockdown in England. They’ve lost a lot of money having to keep opening and then closing again so if you could donate a little something here that would be great. My last visit pre-Christmas was to see their new calf – Orion – as well as some of the other photogenic residents.

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A Christmas Retrospective

As doing any kind of Christmas travelling this year has not been possible I decided to do a round up of some previous trips, using mostly photos I haven’t posted here before. First up is the trip I took with a friend to the Christmas Light Show at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire in 2018.

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Stonebridge City Farm – April 2019

A few weeks ago I paid a visit to Stonebridge City Farm which I’ve written about on many previous occasions. This time I was delighted to see that they had lambs and kids in the fields, so here are a few of my favourite photos.

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Throwback Thursday: 27 St Mary’s Gate, Nottingham

27 St Mary’s Gate is a building in the Lace Market area of Nottingham. It was built in 1849 for Louis Augustin Baillon, the Vice Consul of France, as consulate offices. By 1868 it had been turned into a lace warehouse.

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Newark became a town in the early 10th century and it became important militarily for fending off raids. When I visited Newark Castle the Tourist Information office suggested I take some of the self-guided walking tour leaflets with me, and though in the end I didn’t have the time to fully complete the trails I did have a wander around the town taking pictures of some of the more interesting buildings that proved to have quite an interesting history.


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