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Newark Castle

On what proved to be a slightly more blustery day than I had expected I decided to head out to Newark Castle. I didn’t know much about the site other than it was now ruins so I would highly recommend taking advantage of the guided tour. It doesn’t happen every day so you do have to ring Newark Tourist Information in advance but I found it very interesting and it does give you the opportunity to enter areas which are usually closed to the public, such as the towers and undercroft.


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Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle is a staple of Nottingham’s cityscape and somewhere I’ve visited a lot, but not specifically written about. The name Castle is perhaps a bit of a misnomer, and tourists can be taken aback that it doesn’t fit the stereotypical appearance of a castle. In fact the current incarnation is the 17th century ducal mansion that was built on the site of the Medieval Castle.



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Horniman Museum and Gardens Part Two: The Gardens

As per my previous post, once I had explored the inside of the Horniman Museum, I then proceeded outside to the gardens. I’m very glad that I took a walk around, even though the rain was absolutely horrendous, because not only did I see this lovely Grade II listed Victorian conservatory which was originally at the Horniman’s house in Croydon…


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