Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square, London

With some time to kill while in the area (pre-COVID) I ventured into Holy Trinity Church which was designated as the Cathedral of the Arts and Crafts Movement by Sir John Betjeman. The message of the movement (members included William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones) was to revere nature through crafts, painting and architecture as demonstrated by the church which was designed by John Dando Sedding in 1888.

Overall I found the church to be quite gloomy inside but this does draw the eyes to the focal point which is the Great East Window designed by Edward Burne-Jones. It features 48 prophets, apostles and saints as well as Bible scenes such as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. With a background of scrolling foliage this is the largest stained glass window that William Morris and Co. ever produced.

The roof was totally destroyed by incendiary bombs in the Second World War but the stained glass windows withstood the blast, including the below

The pulpit is also very impressive, made of marble and alabaster in the Siena Renaissance style.

You can find some more photos here.

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