The V&A Museum: Jewellery Edition

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has one of the best collections of jewellery in the world and back in January I had some time on my hands so I popped into the V&A as I nearly always do when nearby and headed up to the Jewellery Section. I hadn’t been there for ages and so hadn’t seen the new layout which is much better than the slightly cramped set-up I remembered from previous visits.

The above jewellery was given to the Museum by Countess Margharita Tagliavia. Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is believed to have given the jewels to his adopted daughter Stéphanie de Beauharnais on her wedding day in 1806. The emerald drops at the back can be detached and worn as earrings.

Another beautiful piece is Queen Victoria’s sapphire and diamond coronet which was designed for her by Prince Albert in 1840, the year they were married. The museum obtained the coronet in 2017 and it went on display in 2019.

Some of my other favourites included those below

You can find more photos of the V&A here.

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One thought on “The V&A Museum: Jewellery Edition

  1. I have been to the V&A once, and the jewelry section is one of my favourites! There are so many beautiful items in there.

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