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Titus: T.Rex is King Exhibition, Wollaton Hall

The Titus: T.Rex is King Exhibition at Wollaton Hall is the first time that a real T.Rex skeleton has been on display in England for at least 100 years and the first time that this particular skeleton, which was excavated from Montana by Craig Pfister in 2018 has ever been put on public display.

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Stonehenge 2016

I don’t really think that Stonehenge requires much of an introduction and I have written about my first visit to the site here.┬áThis time I made the return because my brother had never been and wanted to go and we happened to be holidaying fairly nearby.


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King Richard III Visitor Centre

Back in June a friend and I went to Leicester to visit the King Richard III Visitor Centre. I imagine you’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t familiar with the story of Richard’s remains being found in a car park and finally being laid to rest in Leicester Cathedral (the focus of the next post) and the Visitor Centre did an excellent job of collating all that information.


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The Natural History Museum – Mammoth: Ice Age Giants Exhibition

First off, going to the Natural History Museum on a bank holiday is not a life choice I’ll be repeating. It is one of my favourite London museums, but the queues on the bank holiday in August were atrocious. However, to their credit the staff did deal with the crowds very efficiently and as this was my only opportunity to see the mammoth exhibit before it ended, I decided to stick it out.


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