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Soho Square, London

Soho Square was built in the 1670s when it was called King Square after Charles II, and a statue of him can still be found there. It’s possibly the earliest square in London to be built around a purposely laid out enclosed garden. It used to be a very fashionable residential area.

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Leicester Architecture – Part One

As well as exploring all things Richard III on my trip to Leicester I also took a lot of photographs of buildings that caught my eye – finding out about the significance of these buildings was greatly aided by information panels conveniently positioned nearby, a practice of which I heartily approve and that Nottingham could really do with emulating.


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The Museum of Cultural History, Oslo

The Museum of Cultural History in Oslo consists of early Norwegian artefacts, classical antiquities from ancient Egypt and other areas of Africa, as well as Asia. It openedĀ in 1904 and is in a rather lovely Art Deco building.


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