St Paul’s Cathedral

Although I’ve been to St Paul’s Cathedral and taken photographs of the exterior before, I’d never actually been inside. Thankfully the weather had improved tremendously and my recent trip seemed as good a time as any to see the interior for myself.


Unfortunately photography isn’t allowed inside but you are given an audio guide as part of your entrance fee (a somewhat steep £16.50) which was actually very informative. And really, St Paul’s is without a doubt one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen.

I may not have been able to take photos of Christopher Wren’s masterpiece, but I could climb to the top of the dome – something I hadn’t even realised was possible. First you go up 257 steps to the Whispering Gallery which gives you a closer view of the wonderfully painted dome ceiling, and where of course the acoustics allow for someone whispering on one side to be heard on the other.

376 steps up you are in the Stone Gallery, which allows you to go outside and see views such as these:



And then the final leg of your journey is up 528 steps on a narrow metal winding staircase through which you enter the Golden Gallery and get to see London like this:



After this somewhat exhausting trip – much easier on the way down! – I headed into the crypt where, again, photography was not allowed.

All told I would say that St Paul’s needs to be experienced at least once if you can. It is beautiful and as long as heights aren’t a problem, going to the top of the dome is an absolute must.

You can find some more of my photos from the dome, as well as the outside of St. Paul’s here.

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