All Saints Margaret Street, London

I’d seen some pictures of All Saints Margaret online and decided that it was somewhere that I wanted to see for myself. In fact this Victorian church, tucked away down a side street not far from Oxford Circus was even more breathtaking than I’d imagined.

The Cambridge Camden Society was founded in 1839 with the intention of “reviving historically authentic Anglican worship through architecture”. This translated in 1841 to plans to build a Gothic style church full of decoration which was achieved in 1850.

There is decoration everywhere you look, in fact it’s hard to decide where to look first. The nave is covered in tiling that was erected in 1873 depicting various scenes such as the Nativity and figures from the Old Testament.

The architect William Butterfield was responsible for the magnificent details in the church  – he designed nearly 100 churches during his life including the chapels at Balliol College in Oxford, though All Saints Margaret is rightly considered his masterpiece.

Definitely worth a visit you can find more photos here.


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