Stained Glass Museum, Ely Cathedral

The Stained Glass Museum inside Ely Cathedral is the only UK museum of its type and as someone who loves the beauty and details of stained glass I was really looking forward to visiting and was not disappointed. Since it was founded in 1972 it has collected and preserved over 1,000 different stained glass panels and windows dating from the 13th century to the present, both religious and secular. Most are from the UK but there are some examples from Europe and the US as well.

Some of my personal highlights included –

This beautiful piece made by David Hillman in 1954 which is a representation of the celebration of the Jewish festival of Purim.

This impressive stained glass of George III was made by James Pearson in 1793. It’s a copy of a painting by Joshua Reynolds.

This rather jaunty depiction of Salome dancing used to be in a window in Ely Cathedral itself relating to the life of John the Baptist.

I also really liked the models dotted around the museum like the example below that shows stained glass windows being made and designed.

A wonderful museum if you have any interest in stained glass, you can find some more photos here.

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