St Mary Magdalene Church, Hucknall

St Mary Magdalene Church has been on my local must list visit for a number of years and I finally managed it in September. It is most notable for being the burial place of both Lord Byron and his daughter, the mathematician Ada Lovelace.

We received a very warm welcome from two of the volunteers who throughout our visit were very accommodating and chatted to me about the church, providing some extra details about the history of the building. The church does however have a lot of information boards about Byron, Ada and other figures connected to the church, as well as QR codes making it possible to work your way around several “trails” depending on who you want to focus on.

The building itself is on the site of an old Saxon church, the porch dating from 1320 and the tower built in stages between the 12th and 14th centuries. Much of the rest of the building dates from 1872.

The church has many claims to fame. The first of course is as the burial place of Lord Byron and in the baptistery there are many objects related to him including this quite impressive plaque and statue.

One of the other claims to fame is as the burial ground of Ada Lovelace, Byron’s only legitimate daughter, a mathematician who is credited with having written the first computer programme. Byron and her mother separated shortly after her birth and so she never knew her father. She did however remain fascinated with him though her mother steered her towards more scientific subjects rather than poetical. She died of cancer aged 36 in 1852 and was the last member of the family to be buried in the vault, at her own request. What you see of the tomb isn’t actually that impressive, as the coffin is actually beneath the church, but interesting to see nonetheless.

Another claim to fame is that St Mary Magdalene has a large collection of stained glass windows by Charles Eamer Kempe a renowned Victorian designer.

Definitely worth a visit. You can see some more photos here.


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2 thoughts on “St Mary Magdalene Church, Hucknall

  1. lovely church and the burial place of Byron

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ron

    Lord Byron ! Unforgotten and not alone !

    “Not alone ! where’er thou bidest ;
    For we know thee what thou art.
    Ah ! if from the Day thou hidest,
    Still to thee will cling each heart.
    Scarce we venture to lament thee,
    Singing, envious of thy fate ;
    For in storm and sun were lent thee
    Song and courage, fair and great.
    Ah ! for earthly fortune fashioned,
    Strength was thine, and proud descent :
    Early erring, o’er-impassioned,
    Youth, alas ! from thee was rent.
    For the world thine eye was rarest,
    All the heart to thee was known :
    Thine were loves of women fairest,
    And a song thy very own…”


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