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Lloyd’s Register Group, 71 Fenchurch Street, London

I visited Lloyd’s Register Group at 71 Fenchurch Street as part of Open House London 2019. The Society for the Registry of Shipping, which was to become Lloyd’s Register, was founded by the customers of Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House in Lombard Street with the aim of giving merchants recorded information on the quality of vessels. This was placed into the Register Book and the subscription for access to the book paid for the surveyors to do their work. This is still largely the work they carry out today.

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Banqueting House

Banqueting House is part of the Historic Royal Palaces Group and the sole survivor of the Palace of Whitehall which burnt down in 1698. Architect Inigo Jones created the building for James I in 1622 and it played host to sensational masques and balls under the roof of the amazing ceiling painted by Rubens.

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