The Great Orme Tramway

The Great Orme Tramway opened on 31st July 1902 and is now Britain’s only cable-hauled public road tramway. It takes you from Llandudno up to the Summit of the Great Orme Country Park, covering a distance of about a mile.

The Tram works on a funicular system, controlled from the Halfway Station with the two trams linked by cables so that one can pull the otherĀ up and two winchmen overseeing the upper and lower track.

The journey doesn’t take very long and is quite comfortable. You can either go to the Half Way Station and then immediately transfer to the tram that takes you the rest of the way to the top of the Orme or you can get off and visit the Bronze Age Copper Mines (as we did and which you can read about in a later post).

The journey up provides you with some lovely views,

but it’s the views at the very top which are the highlight.

It’s definitely one of the must do things in Llandudno. You can find more photos here.


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