Holmenkollen Ski Museum, Oslo

Holmenkollen Ski Museum is on the ground floor of the ski jump and even though my main aim had been to go up the viewing tower I’d decided I may as well visit the museum as I was there anyway. It actually proved to be much more interesting than I was expecting. Opened in 1923 it is the world’s oldest museum dedicated to the history of skiing.


The museum explores 4,000 years of skiing history, from displays on prehistoric skis, to polar exhibitions through to present day skiing and snowboarding.


Although I’m not a skier I did find it fascinating to see the way skiing equipment has evolved over the years, from shoe shoes,


…to the different ski poles that were used – some designed specifically to fight off bears if necessary!


The museum also had an exhibit on the Norwegian royal family’s association with skiing, focusing particularly on King Olav and included clothing and skis that he had worn himself.


The last exhibit was on snowboarding which included some fantastic videos and photos of snowboarders in action, as well as a variety of snowboards.


I’d recommend a visit to both the ski jump and the museum even if you have no particular interest in skiing. You can find more of my photos here.

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