Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Oslo

On my last day in Oslo I decided to head up to the Holmenkollen Ski Jump, not because I have any particular interest in skiing but because the guidebooks indicated that the views of Oslo and its surroundings would be well worth the trip. And they were definitely right. After a 20 minute ride on the metro, and a (somewhat strenuous) walk up the hill the views were already proving to be fantastic, and that only increased as I went up the lift to the very top of the ski jump.


Do be prepared to wait for the lift – although the queues to buy a ticket moved quickly the lift only takes 13 people at a time so there was a considerable wait from buying a ticket to actually getting to the top of the ski jump.


The first skiing competition at Holmenkollen took place in 1892. After this the hill was rebuilt 19 times with various upgrades to make it bigger and to change the angles of the slope. It has hosted a number of skiing competitions, including the 1952 Winter Olympics.


It’s certainly an impressive sight and can be easily seen from anywhere in Oslo, often sparkling in the sunshine. The trip up to the viewing tower is a must; there is also a ski simulator and a zip line from the top to the bottom, though I didn’t partake in either.




More photos of my trip to the ski jump can be found here.

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