The Vigeland Museum, Oslo

The Vigeland Museum is dedicated to the sculptures of Gustav Vigeland, whose creations also adorn Vigeland Park. The museum building is the studio that Vigeland moved into in 1924 with his wife, and he lived there until his death in 1943. The Museum opened in 1947 and has almost all of his work, including the original plaster casts of the sculptures in Vigeland Park.


It was certainly interesting being able to see some different aspects to his works than those on show in the Park. There were many busts on display for instance, including that of the playwright Henrik Ibsen.


There are also a couple of more traditional sculptures that particularly appealed to me, as below.



It was also interesting to see the techniques that went into creating the sculptures,


and being able to get a closer look at the Vigeland Park sculptures (without the throng of the crowds the Park attracts) was definitely worth a look.



You can find more photos of the museum here.


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