Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

One extremely bright and sunny day I headed out to the Vigeland Sculpture Park, the world’s largest sculpture park made by a single artist. Gustav Vigeland was an important Norwegian sculptor and the designer of the Nobel Peace Prize medal. The sculpture park was his life’s work and has over 200 sculptures made from bronze, granite and wrought iron.


Woman with infant in her arms, 1926-33

Vigeland Park was created between 1924 and 1949. Vigeland agreed to give all his sculptures and other works to the city of Oslo in return for a studio where he could work and live (and which was to become the Vigeland Museum, which will feature in the next post).


Young woman, 1926-33

The sculptures are certainly what I would consider to be on the odd side. The most striking are probably the 58 that line the 100 metre long bridge. They are of men, women and children in often quite provocative poses, though some are sweeter than others.

Dancing young woman, before June 1930

Dancing young woman, before June 1930


Man and woman inside ring, 1930-31

Man and woman inside ring, 1930-31


Standing man, 1926-33.

Standing man, 1926-33.

The Fountain is another striking area; originally commissioned for the square in front of the Parliament it was eventually decided to put in Frogner Park. The Fountain is surrounded by 20 groups of trees underneath which is said to be the unfolding life of man.



The one area that draws the eye the most however is the highest part of the park on which stands the Monolith. Made from a single granite block it is of 121 figures climbing towards the sky. Around it sit 36 groups of figures whose theme continues to be the cycle of life.




Young man bending towards young woman, 1920.


Old woman dressing the hair of a young woman, 1916.

It’s certainly an eye-opening area and if the weather’s good well worth a trip over there; entry is free.

You can find more of my photos from the Park here.

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