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Buckingham Palace

As I hadn’t been near Buckingham Palace for many years on my last trip I decided to walk up that way and take some photographs. I have actually been on a tour of the Palace (back before I started this blog) because there was a particular exhibition I wanted to see. It was pretty expensive but I combined it with a visit to the Royal Mews and the Queen’s Gallery which definitely made it worthwhile.

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Throwback Thursday: Marble Arch

Marble Arch was originally designed as an entrance to Buckingham Palace by the architect John Nash in 1827 but was completed in 1833 by Edward Blore. A well known but untrue story is that it was moved to its present site at Hyde Park because it was too narrow for Queen Victoria’s state coach to pass through, however the coach passed through the arch in 1838 on the way to her coronation without any problems; more likely it was moved as Queen Victoria and her family needed more space and the fourth wing of the Palace was built where it once stood. It moved to its current location in 1850.

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