Gorsedd Stone Circle, Llanrwst

I was surprised on making my way to Gwydir Castle, to spot a stone circle in a field. I didn’t venture any further than this as I didn’t really have the time for a long detour but I did make a mental note to do some research when I got home. It turns out these are a rather recent addition, constructed for the National Eisteddfod of Wales (a large festival of music and poetry). The festival started in 1861 in Aberdare and happens annually in different locations around Wales. It first came to Llanrwst in 1951, when these stones were erected. The Gorsedd is an association of people who have made a significant contribution to Welsh language, literature and culture and is responsible for the ceremonial aspects of the National Eisteddfod which often takes place at the stone circles. A rather unusual bit of history but a nice addition to the scenery.

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2 thoughts on “Gorsedd Stone Circle, Llanrwst

  1. ThingsHelenLoves

    Ah history is a tricky thing. I’d have had them down as old stones with old stories! The idea of them being memories of a festival is nice though!

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    • Louise Jayne

      Isn’t it? And in another fifty years it will be considered ancient!


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