Gwydir Uchaf Chapel and Gwydir Forest Park, Llanrwst, Wales

On leaving Gwydir Castle I was heading back towards Llanrwst when I spotted some stone steps leading up the side of a hill opposite. Intrigued I decided to investigate. It lead me up a steep winding path through dense trees with birds that I heard but couldn’t see singing all around me.

At the top I was surprised to see a small car park and this chapel. Despite the cars and the official looking building – it was something to do with the management of the park but purported to be closed due to COVID – there wasn’t a soul about and without any phone signal it wasn’t until I got back to Conwy that I discovered that this was in fact Gwydir Uchaf Chapel.

When the owner of Gwydir Castle wanted his own place of worship he had this private chapel built in 1673. It was an interesting walk up there through the forest in boots and trousers, I can’t imagine how 17th century ladies would have coped! The official website of the chapel here shows what I’d missed out on by not knowing it existed – a beautiful looking ceiling. Access to the chapel is by appointment only and you need to give at least 24 hours notice before your visit. It is free though. I’d assumed by the simple exterior that it was an abandoned chapel (I couldn’t even see a door as the area was so overgrown) so I’m glad that there at least good pictures available.

Gwydir Forest Park stretches all the way to Betws-y-Coed with woodland paths, lakes and pastures. I only ventured a little along the road here and took in some of the stunning views as I was conscious that I a) didn’t have a phone signal to consult Google maps about a walking trail and b) if I didn’t make sure to catch the train I had planned I’d be waiting around for about four hours for the next one. It was safer on the whole to turn back and explore some more of Llanrwst.

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2 thoughts on “Gwydir Uchaf Chapel and Gwydir Forest Park, Llanrwst, Wales

  1. ThingsHelenLoves

    A great discovery. I would never have guessed at that beautiful warm interior based on the austere exterior. A real beauty!

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