The Wise Owl Walk, Nottingham

Today for the first time since March I ventured into Nottingham City Centre in order to photograph the 10 owls that make up the Wise Owl Walk. It was quite a good work out as the owls are spread out around the city centre and I walked there and back to avoid using public transport. The owls are really well designed and it’s a nice way of getting people back into the city centre, though personally I didn’t stick around other than to take photographs which is probably what I would have done pre-pandemic as well! You can find a map of the trail to download here.

It’s hard to pick a favourite but I really liked Rock Chick by Jodie Silverman which is inspired by Rock City. I particularly liked the pink hair and the tattoo details!

Another cute owl is Mrs Bramley Southowl by Megan Heather Evans, the inspiration for which comes from the Bramley apple which originated in nearby Southwell – planted in 1809 every Bramley apple grown and eaten today originates from that one tree. I particularly liked the glasses and the bag of apples on her back!

And then of course there is the excellent Sheriff of Nottinghoot by Donna Newman up by Nottingham Castle – loving the sinister smile!

And keeping with that theme here’s a very smart looking Little John by Lizzie Rose Chapman.

It’s a really nice idea and certainly a fun way to spend an afternoon. You can find more photos here. 

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  1. cute owls!

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