Victoria Memorial, London

The memorial to Queen Victoria outside of Buckingham Palace was created by the sculptor Thomas Brock in 1901 and unveiled ten years later, though it wasn’t completed until 1924.

The statue of Queen Victoria is over 18 feet high and made of marble. On the left is the angel of Truth and on the right the angel of Justice.

The magnificent gold statue at the top is winged Victory standing on a globe with a victor’s palm in her hand. Below her sits Constancy with a compass pointing to true North and Courage with a club.

The monument is also surrounded by bronze figures with lions, the one pictured below is Peace holding an olive branch.

Also classed as part of the monument, which I hadn’t appreciated at the time, are the three gates – Australia Gate, Canada Gate and South and West Africa Gate designed by the architect Sir Aston Webb. They all have cherub like figures above them with an animal reflective of their particular area. The Australia gate below has a sheep which you can only just make out (next time I’m in the area I’ll be sure to take more detailed pictures).

You can find more photos here.

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