Nottingham Light Night 2019

As is tradition we visited Nottingham’s Light Night event last Friday and as is also tradition, there just isn’t time to see everything so I planned a route around the city that would work for the time we had available. The only thing we didn’t manage to visit was the Museum of the Moon at the Concert Hall – kudos to everyone who was prepared to stand in the exceptionally long lines to get in, we decided in the end that we were prepared to skip it for other things.

The wheel, above, was back again though I did think the lighting display on it has been prettier in earlier years but the place that most impressed us was St Mary’s Church which had some interesting stalls, a sculpture that played music and lit up depending on the movement around it and this rather fun display created with very fine mists of water that the children in particular were really enjoying (it went through a series of different patterns, not just the one below)

We also headed up to the Robin Hood Statue and took some photos of the artwork done by a local primary school focused on space and this year’s anniversary of the moon landings.

One of the new things we did this year though was go on a behind the scenes tour of the Lace Market Theatre, which will feature in its own post later in the week.


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