Alnmouth Beach

Alnmouth is a village in Northumberland located at the mouth of the River Aln that was established in around 1152 and is notable for its lovely beach which we stopped off to explore after our visit to Alnwick Castle.

There is a car park right next to the beach with a small charge and it was a very pleasant beach to walk along – I even dipped my toes in the water – but be aware that it is not suitable for swimming because of its strong riptide.

One interesting item to point out is the concrete cubes you’ll see dotted along the beach, as in the photo below. They were placed there in the Second World War as a form of defence in case of German invasion.

A lovely place to visit, with what seemed to be a very clean and well looked after beach; you can see some more photos here.

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One thought on “Alnmouth Beach

  1. Graham

    England’s oldest 9 hole links golf course ! Did you pick up any coal off the beach?


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