The Harley Gallery: The Portland Collection

The Portland Collection is part of the Harley Gallery in Welbeck, a permanent exhibit of art and other items such as furniture and jewellery that the Dukes of Portland and their families have collected for centuries. It’s housed in a building that used to be where horses were trained by the Portlands.


There are lots of beautiful items on display, and those which have an interesting provenance. The most intriguing perhaps is the pearl earring which Charles I was wearing when he was executed in 1649 and which was given to his daughter Mary after his death.


One other stunning piece of jewellery, which looked even more impressive in person, was this tiara made in 1902 by Cartier for the wife of the 6th Duke of Portland. Apparently it survived the Duke once accidentally sitting on it!


This lovely jewel chest, essentially a travelling safe, was a gift from King William III and Queen Mary to the 1st Earl of Portland and still has its original keys from 1690.


And I doubt any reference to the Portland Collection can be complete without a look at some of the silverware on display.



You can find more of my photos of the collection, which is free to visit, here.

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