The Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo

The Nobel Peace Prize is the only Nobel prize to be handed out in Norway and the Nobel Peace Centre gives information about the recipients of the awards as well as more general information about peace and conflict resolution.


Luckily I happened to arrive just as a guided tour was beginning and I would definitely recommend you take the tour (included in the entrance fee) as the Centre is mainly comprised of photographs of past winners of the prize and temporary exhibits and the tour guide is able to provide much better contextual details.


Why did the Swedish Alfred Nobel declare that the Peace Prize be awarded in Oslo? No one knows. But each year on 10 December (the anniversary of Alfred Nobel’s death) the King of Norway presents the prize at Oslo City Hall.


Without the guide’s insight I think I would have been disappointed with the range of information on offer at the Centre, but she really did a good job of being entertaining and informative. It was interesting to hear who can nominate for the prize and also how much of the process is shrouded in mystery – no information about nominations can be made public until 50 years after a prize has been awarded.


It’s an okay place to visit as long as you take advantage of the guided tour but I wouldn’t think it an essential place to see if you’re rushed for time. A few more of my photos can be found here.

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