Coughton Court Part 3: The Churches

As well as the lovely gardens, discussed here, and the Court itself, discussed here, there are also two churches in the grounds of Coughton Court – the Church of England Church of St. Peter and the Roman Catholic Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Elizabeth. Ironically, given the fact that the Throckmorton’s, who still live there, are renowned for their Catholicism, we were informed by one of the guides that the Catholic and Church of England churches essentially swapped places, so many of the Catholics are now buried in a Church of England graveyard.

255 As to be expected, the Church of England church was less ornate than its Catholic counterpart. It was rebuilt in the 16th century by Sir Robert Throckmorton and contains a lot of monuments to the Throckmorton family.


The Catholic Church was built in 1851 when the family were finally allowed to worship openly. As you can see from the sign on the front, they are in need of some money for restoration.


The Church itself is very open and had a very nicely patterned ceiling.



We left some donations for upkeep as surprisingly neither Church receives funds from Coughton Court or the National Trust. Both are definitely nice additions to a visit to Coughton.

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2 thoughts on “Coughton Court Part 3: The Churches

  1. Theresa Wagner Brandenburg

    I’m so happy to find this series of posts, as I have learned that I am a descendent of the Throckmorton’s, and even further back to Sir William Marrow II (1354-1450), but have found nothing further. Thank you so much for this beautiful and informative blog.


    • Louise Jayne

      Oh, wow, that’s really cool. I’m glad you found the posts interesting!


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