Coughton Court Part 2: The Gardens

As per my previous post here, I recently (and by recently I mean more than a few months ago!) took a trip to Coughton Court. As well as the house itself, which is very impressive, there are also extensive gardens to explore. The current Throckmorton and her daughter have designed the layout together, keeping in mind the historic design of the gardens, but also creating new and interesting spaces. While I visited for example there were art sculptures on display and for sale (at pretty high prices, it has to be said!) throughout the gardens which made exploring them even more interesting.

073 Some of my favourite pieces of artwork included this unicorn and this deer, both on sale for quite a considerable amount of money.



The Walled Garden is a lovely space to explore, full of flowers and water features and with seats dotted throughout if you need to rest or take a moment to enjoy your surroundings.


Tucked away in a corner of the Rose Labyrinth part of the Walled Garden was also this lovely statue of Rosamund, the lover of King Henry II who was allegedly poisoned, in the labyrinth at Woodstock, by Queen Eleanor.


We also wandered around the formal garden and by the lake, which was full of ducks and took in a lot of the artwork as we went, including this rather excellent mermaid.


We didn’t explore the entirety of the gardens – two days of constant walking was starting to take its toll!, not to mention the hot weather – but the grounds also include various walks around the woods and lakes so you could easily spend the entire day exploring. Definitely worth the £10.30 entrance fee.

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