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Week Seven

And so another month draws to a close. Hard to believe that I’m into week seven already; seems like hardly any time at all. This week was, like the last one, spent mostly working but I did venture out on Saturday to take in the last of the Olympics atmosphere (until the Paralympics start at least). It wasn’t actually as crowded as it has been, though that may have more to do with the torrential rain we’ve had the last few days. The weather didn’t dampen anybody’s spirits, however, and you always knew when Canada had won a medal as cheers would go up, no matter where you might be.

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Week Five

Hello again! Not much to report this week. I’ve mainly been working. It’s going okay so far and it’s nice to finally have some money coming in rather than going out! The office is downtown so it’s easy to get to and to still see things during my lunch break if I want to. Of course the big story here is that the Olympics have finally started. And thanks to the good position of the office I managed to see the Olympic torch pass by, pic below. It was very exciting and definitely got me more in the mood for the Olympics – I’ve been watching events off and on over the weekend, though it’s a shame Team GB isn’t doing a bit better.

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