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Yorkshire Wildlife Park 2016

Back in May we made a return visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park (you can read about our first visit here). Then, as now, we found it to be an excellent day out and well worth the entrance fee. Since our last visit they had added some new animals which were a real highlight – three new polar bears to make four in total, plus some armadillos which we’d never seen before and which I had no idea moved quite so fast!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park 15.05.2016 041

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Longleat Safari Park Part One: Safari

On my birthday in May (yes, I’m that behind again!) I’d decided that I’d like to make a return trip to Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire. It had been at least a decade since I was there last and in that time the Park has undergone a lot of improvements, including the acquisition of some cheetahs, which are one of my favourite animals.



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Yorkshire Wildlife Park

On a fantastically sunny day in early September we headed out to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Our main intention was to see the newly installed polar bear, which we achieved, but we were thoroughly impressed with the Park as a whole. It had an excellent range of animals from lions and tigers, to zebras and meerkats and giraffes and capybaras. Viewing platforms were well positioned and actually being able to walk about amongst some of the animals like the wallabies, lemurs and squirrel monkeys was an unexpected treat. As ever when I blog about animal sanctuaries, I shall just leave a selection of photos here, but you’ll be able to find many┬ámore photos at my flickr here.



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