Lotherton: Wildlife World

Lotherton is an Edwardian house and country estate with gardens, extensive grounds, a deer park and a small zoo. When I first visited back in 2013 you couldn’t take photos inside the house and Wildlife World was originally a bird garden. Much has changed since then however and I’m splitting these posts into the zoo, the house, the chapel and the gardens, starting with our first destination of the zoo. There is still more of a concentration on birds here than on the animals they’ve since acquired and one of my favourites was this lovely Edward’s pheasant, named after a former director of the Natural History Museum in Paris.

Other favourites included the kookaburra

this rather large owl

this African crowned crane

and this Southern Ground Hornbill.

We were also impressed – and pursued by! – this lovely white peacock.

They also had some mammals roaming the enclosures like this capybara.

We were very impressed by the nocturnal walkway – lots of fruit bats flying around, a kinkajou which I’d never seen in person before, plus a clouded rat which was adorable, though hard to photograph in the dark. Entry to Wildlife World is included in general admission to the site of £9. You can find more photos here.

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