Burghley House: Garden of Surprises

Opened in 2007 the Garden of Surprises was influenced by the garden that William Cecil, the first owner of Burghley House, had created in his Hertfordshire home, Theobalds. It was common for Elizabethan gardens to have “tricks” such as mazes, statues, grottos, concealed water pipes to shoot out water etc. all of which can be found in this modern version.

This impressive longitude dial is based on an idea by Franz Ritter in 1607, devising a world map similar to a sundial to aid navigation for plotting sea routes.

It stands in a part of the garden surrounded by classically themed sculptures such as of Caesar and Ajax.

We particularly enjoyed the obelisks – they all have sensors you can wave your hand in front of to get them to do things like blow bubbles

or pour water

and to exit the garden you have to walk through this archway – the water stops flowing the closer you get to it due to motion sensors along the floor.

Definitely a fun garden to wander around you can find some more photos here.

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  1. beautiful house indeed

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