Clumber Park

Last week we decided to go for a walk around the lake at Clumber Park. Run by the National Trust entry is free for members (which we are) or £5 for an adult. The park spans 3,800 acres and was quite busy; we had to park in the overflow car park which we’ve never had to do before, but as it’s so large it never felt crowded at any point, and at plenty of sections there was no one else around at all.

We were surprised to see that most of the trees were still fully green, though there were the occasional orange leaves on display like this rather nice tree below.

It was quite rainy but that didn’t stop us, or anyone else and in fact a large part of the lake walk is under the cover of trees so we didn’t get too wet.

The lake walk is the most popular route and should take just over two hours to walk around (I didn’t make a note of when we started but that seems about right). The paths are well laid out and pretty easy to follow, though I do think at places they could benefit from slightly better signage.

There’s plenty of wildlife to see on the walk, such as these ducks and this rather large raven that happily posed for a photograph, not to mention a great variety of dogs – it’s a very popular dog walking site.

It’s a lovely place to spend the day. You can find more photos here.

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