Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool

There’s a good choice of free museums and art galleries at Liverpool’s Albert Dock and the first one I visited was the Merseyside Maritime Museum which focuses on the port of Liverpool, life at sea, and of course the Titanic.

Part of the National Museums Liverpool, the Maritime Museum was opened in 1980 and has free entry. One of the most impressive exhibitions was one that focused on the Lusitania and other such liners during the First World War. The sinking of this unarmed passenger ship in 1915 by a German U-boat caused international outrage and devastated the docklands community in Liverpool where most of the crew on board had lived.

Naturally there is a large amount about the Titanic at the museum as well. Although the Titanic never visited Liverpool her managing company The White Star Line had its head office there and at least ninety of its ill-fated crew were from the city. One of the most beautiful pieces related to the Titanic on display is the Ismay Testimonial Silver, which was presented to Thomas Henry Ismay, the founder of the White Star Line, in 1885.

There are objects from the Titanic on display as well such as a life jacket worn by a survivor and this metal nameplate recovered from one of the 13 lifeboats retrieved by the RMS Carpathia.

I found the museum very interesting – there are other areas too about the job of Customs and about emigration. You can find more photos here.

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