Throwback Thursday: The Nottingham Industrial Museum

The Nottingham Industrial Museum is based in part of the 17th century stable block at Wollaton Hall and as it’s only open on weekends and Bank Holidays it took quite a while before I got around to visiting. It focuses on a wide range of Nottingham industries including lace, bicycles and mining.

Some of the most interesting objects were the knitting machines, as many people in my family tree were framework knitters in Nottingham.

The museum is broken into different industrial areas, so the transport gallery features a rare Phaeton coach as well as bikes and cars.

One particular highlight of our visit was a temporary exhibit focusing on the Black Boy Hotel, a now demolished building that had been designed by Watson Forthergill.

You can find more photos here.


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4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The Nottingham Industrial Museum

  1. Graham

    Ah but can you remember when the police horses were stabled where the shop is now?


  2. I like this type of museum we always learn a lot of interesting things.


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